Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thrasher Presents: Thrasher's Top Ten Video Games, Part Two

Let's recap my choices so far, huh?


Strange start, I admit, but trust me on this one, it's a great game. And they'll just keep getting better. As you may have noticed, I have followed Chicken Man's lead and dropped the process of ranking my picks. That's truly a bunch of rubbish. How could I pick a favorite? I love them all for different reasons, I'm telling you. Keep that in mind as I reveal my next choice:

Crazy Taxi (PS2)
It certainly helps that this one has all original music, instead of the neutered soundtrack that popped up on my recent 360 purchase. Besides all that, though, this is one of the best, most complete arcade games ever put together. The whole package is unified nearly to the point of perfection, and that is precisely why I put such a high premium on the Offspring/Bad Religion soundtrack. When you remove one of those highly integrated components, you lose a significant element. PS2 and Dreamcast got it right the first time. Not only do you get the full arcade game, but you have an additional city to cruise, and a full set of Crazy Box challenges to complete. Quite simply, this game is the total package.
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