Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Special Wednesday Edition From the Archives: The Tuxedo (2002)

Jackie Chan's movie's have always have always had a cult following up until Rush Hour, which brought him to mainstream America audiences. More recently, the tremendous success of Rush Hour 2 has signified Chan as a major international star. The Tuxedo, co-starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, is a major departure from the typical Jackie movie. It's also not one of his best. First off, the plot, while just barely adequate, is rather throw-away; it's really too far-fetched. Other than that, the comedy included here is good, and the action scenes are pretty tight. The whole movie is basically a spoof of spy flicks, which is a nice break from the more traditional kung-fu material. But, I found that I enjoyed Chan's more realistic chop-sockey action flicks (such as the terrific Rush Hour movies) more. It seems this movie focused on comedy, and to a lesser extent, action, which killed my buzz in the end. The total package offered here is worthy of your money, although many will feel a little let down, knowing it's potential.

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