Thursday, September 20, 2012

Solid Gold Chan

It's not a real thing, but Time Life should get on it right away, don't you think? We did all the work for them.
Jackie Chan's action films have marvelled audiences for decades with spectacular stunts and virtuoso martial arts choreography, and justly so. But what often goes unnoticed is his commitment to providing catchy credits music to accompany us out of the theater. It's high time these diddies got some shine. Enjoy our small compilation of four punch-perfect pop hits, and do so without paying five easy installments of $29.95!
First up is Ash's infectious "Kung Fu," from Rumble in the Bronx:

Next we have "That One Song, Remember?" from Police Story:

We also have something of a rarity on this set. It's the appropriately bouncy "Let's Bounce" by Chic and Erick Sermon, whoever he is, from Rush Hour 2. Though the video below has a picture of the RH2 soundtrack CD, this gem is not on it. It's too bad, really.

Finally, our personal favorite, the always radio-ready theme from Who Am I?, which for years we referred to succinctly as "WHATCHANNANIIIYOOOOOOOO". Turns out it's actually titled "Who Am I (Cantonese Theme)". Makes sense, even though we still prefer our more colloquial expression.

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